About Stress Free Dad


Most people are defined by what they do for a living, although I feel like more and more people are fighting against that. My name is Gerry Bruno. If you asked me who I was before July 15, 2014, I’d say I was a filmmaker and the Executive Producer of several televisions shows. Ask me today and I’d say I’m a new dad trying to navigate tumultuous waters of raising twin boys… and do it stress free. I know, I’m laughing too. But it’s the main reason I started this blog.  It’s a reminder to always take a breath and try to stay calm. It’s also a reminder to be present everyday. Since I’m starting this journey of fatherhood in my 40s, I’ve had the luxury of my friends and family telling me that it goes by so fast. Being present EVERY DAY is my only defense. Stress Free Dad is more of a journey than a how to. I hope I can inspire others to stop and take a breath through some of my posts. I hope that others will share their stories and experiences with me. This blog will be part adventure, part recipes, part tips, part how to, and part tears. I’d love for you to sign up here and help me on my journey of being a Stress Free Dad.


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